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Every parent needs a rest and some me-time every now and then, but a lot of questions arise when you put your child in front of the screen. Is the content safe to watch? Does it have educational value? Are the characters cute? Is the content funny? These are all very valid questions when deciding for or against a video. Making that decision from content to content, one by one can be exhausting, and deprive you from the very free time you wanted to have for yourself. So we’ve created this website to make your choice a lot more easier. Bebesong adds a little spice to nursery rhyme classics like Johny Johny Yes Papa, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or If You’re Happy and You Know It. Through a wide variety of these songs we ensure that your child learns at ease while remains entertained during their screen time. Also, we put a great emphasis on the visual experience and on transmitting values like the importance of family, love, community, health and helping others. Dance has a special place in our repertoire, too. We encourage the kids to sing and move with us, and not just sit idly in their chairs. Another goal of ours is to transmit useful ideas and appropriate social behaviour through pretend play. We created these videos with the aim to put a smile on your child’s face, and hopefully yours, too. Let your kid be a part of the Bebesong-family, and watch them grow smarter and more capable day by day. Check out our website, click on a video, and let us do the rest for you!