Kids play with cars and color vehicles. Let's learn the colors! A Funny Color Lesson for Kids

The twins have a huge and amazing, fleet of cars. Cool! Look at the cars and answer the questions. Where is the yellow color? On the school bus. And where is the color green? On the huge truck. Do you see any color what is blue? Yes, he's in the police car. And what about the color red? It's on the engine and the Lightning McQueen. Now try to remember the colors you saw. Did you succeed? Clever! Let's practice together so we learn and play at the same time! Get ready to laugh with this funny video. These little kids are experts at playtime and they have cooked up an awesome scenario. Big brother has all the colorful balls, but not for long! The officer is here to stop him and give the colors back to the community! Laugh along with this funny game. The best part is little ones will see and engage with colors in this video without even realizing it! Have fun playing and staying colorful with these awesome kiddos!